#AskBimbo: I need to set trap for my girlfriend, should i?

Dear Bimbo,

My girlfriend can’t stop flirting and I don’t trust her. She started seeing me when she was with another man and I don’t trust her to say no if another man comes along. She says I’m being stupid and I’m the one she wants. I’m thinking of putting her commitment to the test by asking a mate to toast her. If she goes out with him then I’ll  know I can’t trust her. Do you think this is a good idea?

Emeka, Lagos

Dear Emeka,

Please you have to be very careful, and be warned that your lack of trust can ruin your relationship. Rejecting the friend can be because she does not fancy the friend, and it does not mean that is 100% proof she is faithful. 
It can even get worse for you, especially if she finds out what you’ve done, that can end the relationship. You can talk to her about how uncomfortable you are with her filrty attitude. Pushing her to another man is something you might regret.

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