I have a specific interest that I’m yet to include in my Curriculum Vitae, it is quite subliminal, when things didn’t pan out the way I envisioned, I crawl back into this hobby, when I’m not really interested in the happenings around me, I always utilize it as form of escapism. If it’s an alcoholic beverage, I should have a permanent seat at AA meetings already, if it’s a drug, I ought to have OD’ed on it, carefully tucked in a rehab by now. Of course, it gives me a thrill, a euphoric feeling, I draw my ‘yes I can’ believe from it. Dreaming. This is not your typical midnight dreams or the ones you have when you take a power nap during the day. To put it succinctly, it’s daydreaming!

It’s pretty appalling and shocking that most people don’t dream, is it that they just lost interest completely, or just gave up on dreaming? Many dithered to dream because all their efforts to actualize them never materialized, so it becomes mentally sapping or rather depleting for them to dream. Depression has crept in into their heart, dispiriting quietly holding sway.

For the fact that your dreams are yet to come to light, fulfilment doesn’t mean it was a worthless effort, it could be the time isn’t ripe for your eggs to become hatched, it could be you never dedicated much efforts or even none at all for them to come to be. Conduct a self-assessment first, before you become crestfallen, did you put in due diligence? Have you ever dreamt at least once in your lifetime and it comes to pass? Yes? It indicates you are a living testimony that dreams come through – pun intended. The vision could be for an appointed time, it will surely speak in the end.

Then again, we have to be conscious of the fact that dream killers are wandering, stealthily on the lookout for whom to devour. Many a dreams have been sent to six-feet below with just one word, yea, you heard me right; imagine snuffing the life out of a world-class dream with just one word. There are some vile beings out there that have never uttered any word of encouragement, a pep talk to anyone in their entire miserable lives; they see an impending success of another as a threat; as if when they make headway it would remove something from them.

They willingly subject themselves to the demonic spirit of schandenfruede – epicaricacy; it would be very difficult to trumpet your dreams around these scary individuals, if you can flee from them, please don’t falter, if you can’t for now, erect a huge wall around your consciousness, difficult for them to penetrate, fortify your dreams. They are synonymous to a thorn squeezing a plant, impeding its growth; it requires a dint of hard work in being bigheaded to evade these invading killjoys. We are still familiar with the vicissitudes of life the biblical Joseph went through, may be his pathway would have been less encumbered had it been he kept his mouth shut. They are ignorant of the fact that no one can stop Reggae; you can only turn down the volume, which will definitely go up again.

The size of your dreams is also determined by your environment, loads of vigour and ambition is needed if you’re stuck in the hinterland for example, because exposure also plays a major drive in how big your aspirations and dreams are. Well, some dwells in the city, still they are ailing from undersized dreams, this is where the exposure of the mind also comes to play.

How big are your dreams? Are they even scary to you? If your dreams are not terrifying to you, you need to push a re-start button. The imagery, the mental pictures of your dreams should overawe you. It is expected to give you a reverberating hope when you are battling with daunting challenges, as echoed in one of my favourite TV Series – Survivors Remorse, ‘there is nothing you can’t get over and there is nothing you can’t get through. Just count your blessings and keep on walking, eventually you will find yourself walking in the light, then you see glory’. When you start actualizing, living your dreams, that’s the glory.

Nothing ever equates lofty dreams or ambitions, as we lay on our comfy beds, relishing a utopian world, a perfect world akin to paradise, where we’ve become rarefied beings. However, until we get up on our feet, working effortlessly to achieve those dreams, with little staggering and falling off, baby steps, till then can our dreams come true and through. If wishes are horses, beggars will ride, now go forth into the world and make your mark(s) as a well-adjusted human being. Refrain from dreaming small, dream big, it’s the same effort, fam!

By Shemilore Jegede



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  1. I took my time to finish, it was definitely worth it after all. Good stuff!


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