Some dude once amused me when he told me he overhears extraterrestrial voices whenever he’s in the state of delirium as a result of marijuana binge. That level of hallucination is never strange to those who are hooked on drugs and its abuse. Since marijuana is being classified as legal in most states in the free world, trying to sugar coat it as medicinal, it’s only a matter of time before the western world forced it down our throats as the new normal. But around here, at the moment, it remains illegal.   

There’s a particular pattern, almost becoming a trend, eating us up gradually, alcohol doesn’t seem to give some the needed buzz, anymore. They are now delving into another altitude of thrill; snorting ‘white powder’, popping pills and whatnots, how they discovered gulping bottles of codeine syrup could make one ecstatic is beyond me. They gaily indulge in it as a form of escapism; not minding its attendant health risks, they absorb themselves in these nauseating acts with flagrant display of no care in the world. What counts is the eerie feeling it fetches for them, which is quite transient. The moment the creepy sensation wanes, they embark on another dose of sinister adventures….the cycle goes on, keep repeating itself until the chicken comes home to roost.   

While ‘adulting’, we’ve all dabbled into, done some things we take no pride in if we now view them in hindsight, some we remember while we display a smug façade, it gives a nostalgic feeling, others we tried our best to blot away from our memory, because we feel so bad and wished we could time travel into the past and undo them, painfully we can’t, so we had to let go and douse the guilt trip.   

We all went through that rebellious phase, which we believe we can get away with anything, thinking ourselves as a god, some due to peer pressure, and others attributable to sheer inquisitiveness; shots of liquor, pints of beer, rounds of cigar puffs, but many really got carried away and ‘graduated’ into hemps, an ancillary of hard substances, it’s a pity they never came around.

There are some habits, vices that we could easily do away it, but the drug path, once you embark on it, its very difficult to turn back, the pit-less appetite always had to be fed, continuously tend to, it becomes do or die, the addicts willingly subjects themselves at its mercy, steering their lives with their eyes wide open into the netherworld.

I would love this generation to become sensitized to the ripple effects of drugs and its abuse, the health, physical and psychology upsets that comes along with it. If you get swayed by the bandwagon effect, you would bear the brunt alone fully, peer above your shoulders and wouldn’t see anyone – on your own, and the irony is those who smooth talked, persuaded you into it could later sober up, become clean and chart a brighter path for themselves, while you become so worthless to yourself and a thing of let-down to your family, inflicting them with your woes..

Last time I checked, there’s no Alcoholic Anonymous therapy around here, rehab centres are rare. With the pace many of our youths are popping mollys as if it’s going out of fad, I think the business aficionados should start investing in rehab institutions, I could see it competing with Bus Stops in the not too distant future, I wish it could be averted, I really hope so. The attaboy I mentioned earlier now garbed himself in a sweater dress all day as we’re battling through this terrible Lagos humid weather, he claims, with a poker face that he’s ‘catching cold’. 

Would you join me as I say a little prayer for him, please?  

Written By Shemilore Jegede



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  1. Nice one Shemmie.people think drugs are cool there's nothing cool about it

  2. Lol at "he's catching cold". This piece is born out of 100% reality. Good stuff!


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